Hello World!

Red SlippersI had my 49th birthday two weeks ago.

A week ago, I read through some old diaries of mine and  the cycle of the same  thoughts, the same resolutions  every year  zapped me.

I had to try to break out of this zone. Move out of comfort zone where I was rutted very comfortably.

And so here I am on my journey to do something a little different everyday; to stop saying  ‘NO’  reactively to anything new;  to be a little more creative with everyday life; to add a little more ‘mittai pink’ to my life.

Im not going to be flying a plane, or backpacking through Europe both of which I would love to do..but Oh my back !

But do what I can to change a little everyday and stretch as much as body and mind allow me to.

This is the record of my year till my 50th birthday comes around; on my own yellow Brick Road . The Red Shoes? I hope to acquire them soon !

Inspiration: The idea of making this year memorable and marking it in some way came from Laurie who has started a walking project  and records her journey here at My Big Walk in a very inspiring way.


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