Its people after all

If you ever went as a guest to a house where every room was sparklingly clean (including the kitchen) and beautifully decorated , all surfaces polished, dinner table laid out, food kept hot and ready, the host family well dressed and ready to entertain, the hostess looking cool and very happy to see you, that certainly wasn’t mine.

But, oh how hard I tried. And Im sure, many women out there are trying too. How hard the shortfalls in all this immaculate planning hits one and there are always areas (they could be so microscopic but you know) where you’ve failed; depends on your  self confidence and whether you have other areas in your life to prop you up.

If being the perfect housewife is most of your ambition, then it does hit hard. If its just one of your facets, you are able to quickly get over any little problems and move on. For so many years, I’ve been trying hard and wallowing in self induced stress before any party, dinner, house guests …and so on. And I forget to enjoy people while they are here. I am  worrying over the soup as they walk in and we get past the greeting stage ; over the food while I’m serving soup, and over dessert as they leave the table. The point of getting together is lost on me. The conversation.

In a wonderful book Letters To Sam’ by Daniel Gottlieb’, when Daddy is combing his hair for the umpteenth time before he sees his patients, his daughter says to him ’it’ s people after all, Daddy’.

Tomorrow I have a lot of people coming over for lunch. And they are my friends. I’m all set to enjoy the day. I’ve started out to relax by making it a pot luck lunch and so most of the food is being brought by the others. And I’ve enjoyed making the ‘The all Indian Apple Cheesecake’ found in the scrumptious food blog  Saffron Trail by the wonderfully talented Nandita Iyer.

Ps: That fabulous table in the picture isnt mine but Iranian. The Persians have the right ideas about all you need for a party and it includes good books  and so much else more than just food


2 thoughts on “Its people after all

  1. What? No spirituality coming from this post?

    Isn’t that what “letting go” is all about?

    Ah, food for life. How can one “let go” of this.

    Great picture. I know it was not your place, but I bet you come to close to it, don’t you?


    michael j

  2. Thank you for being the first person to visit my blog.
    Im only trying to help myself grow, Michael, not spread any messages. Of course if it strikes a chord with someone, that’s fine.

    Yes , we had a great party with great food. Table was nowhere close but still lovely.

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