I’m Okay

A friend wanted to buy me a book while we were at the book store.  I said ‘No’ very firmly to yet another self-help book.

Actually gifting a self-help book is a very delicate thing which you should do only if you are sure the person would like it. Otherwise, the implication is you feel the  other person is not okay and needs some correction.

One of the things I’d like to let go off is reading self-help books; even though they make nice reading.  I’ve read a lot of them from Dale Carnegie thro Stephen Covey to Robin Sharma ( who didnt appeal too much but still kept appearing ) .  And Louise Hay .. I like the affirmations but not the guilt for the illnesses that appear in my life.  I have enough guilts without adding new ones.  I’ve started off so many programs to get better but never finished.  Be less critical, be less judgmental, meditate. I’m sure all of us know what or who we’d like to be.

Now, I think Im okay as I am. And I’d just like to live from where I am without constantly feeling I’m not living up to some standard. And when I look around at people I know who’ve been meditating for years or telling me to act non-judgemental; then I find that they are as human underneath as me.

We try, we slip up and we go on. That’s about it.

Im okay and sometimes I think you are okay and sometimes  not. But that’s okay. We’re both good and nice people. With some crankiness sometimes. Terrifically human.

Michael J Contos passes on this beautiful list of symptoms of Inner peace at Contoveros’ Blog .   Which one would you choose?


3 thoughts on “I’m Okay

  1. Well I’ll be damned.

    Oh, not really. I’m only saying that as a figure of speech. Nothing I got from any book. Just something I feel.

    “I’ll be damned,” in, and of itself probably wouldn’t work as well without the first introductory word; “Well . . . I’ll be . . .”

    See. Somethings simply go together better than others.

    Like throwing out all of the books. Like starting right where you are, because you “are” okay!

    One of my favorite quotes is, that if you see the Buddha on the road, “kill him.”

    You . . . me . . . all of us . . . can not be like the Buddha. We can’t live his life. We have to live our own. And if we try to be like another person then we are fooling no one but ourselves (Self?)

    So, throw out the books, Have a cup of tea. Meditate. And if you can’t reach that state of bliss on the first try, well, who the hell can? I betcha the Buddha had to “practice,” and “practice,” and “practice” until He got it together.

    Sounds to me like you are already half way there!

    michael j

    What a surprise to see this name appearing in your post. You have to marry me now. You didn’t know that?
    Well, that was the part of the “Inner Peace’ poem I left off: “Whosoever shares their love with another through this poem will be tied to michal j forever.”

    It’s something like the “laws of attraction” you hear so much of nowadays.

    Enjoyed your company. Read you later. (wink!)

  2. HI Michael, That is such a nice reply. What a natural writer you are! And light hearted too.
    Sorry, I can’t marry you, I already am. Thanks for the offer anyway:-)
    ‘throw out the books, Have a cup of tea. Meditate. And if you can’t reach that state of bliss on the first try, well, who the hell can?’
    I like that piece of advice so much.
    Yes, the Buddha did go through so many years of trying out different schools of thought and practice till he finally found his own Middle path didnt he?
    Even if we don’t kill him :-), we needn’t kill ourselves trying to be him all over.
    Thanks for stopping by

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