Next Challenge

Today, I moved on to the third stage of Cindy Crawford’s exercise CD- – New Dimension (2000); and it is a great at start to my day.

This is meant for mothers who have just delivered a baby, but after a hysterectomy, I think it is just what I need. There are 3 workouts and one can move from one to the other only when one feels ready to face the ‘Next challenge’. The moves are basic with slow stretches which feel good; each workout puts in a little more to each set of exercises.  The whole CD is very good for beginners and people who start exercising late in life.

Working out at home hasn’t been difficult for me ever since the kids left home and the mornings stopped being rushed. With a CD, it feels like there is cheery company and  nice  music helps a lot. But if I wake up too late or there is something else that fills up the morning, then the exercise session does get put off till the next morning. I comfort myself saying that the  experts recommend only three sessions a week.

This time I’ve been very easy on myself. I’ve been doing only 15 min a day for the past month. I started the weights with a lot of hesitation, but they are very little ones and hardly for 3 minutes. The pushups are still difficult but its getting better. Last week, when I tried Workout C, I almost collapsed. And went around sore for a few days. But Today, I sailed through.

So, as they say, do it at your own pace. But do it.

Note: I just googled this exercise video and found a lot of reviews. There is a comprehensive  one here at videofitness .com. Im just glad that there are so many women who have found this an ideal workout. Im not doing it alone!


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