The Little Voice or a BIG ONE

I had a safe and comfortable journey home today. Surprisingly. I’d been worried about it in anticipation and this morning just said a short prayer, asking God to look after it. And He did.

Why didn’t I do this y’day when I went to the bus stand, hung around for an hour for a bus that didn’t appear and went back, I don’t know.  The thought of praying doesn’t appear too often in my mind, except maybe when I’m more centered in my desperation and thinking less wildly about what may happen.

Y’day I was tired; tired after the journey from Chennai, tired after the interaction with so many people, tired from all the thinking and planning and expectations.  I thought I had to get back home and rushed to the bus stand, but not really upto facing a journey home that involved  changing 4 buses. It didn’t enter my head to ask for help.  And the trip didn’t happen. A few thoughts of being too old, too lazy, too comfort- loving drifted by but I ignored them.

There must be a space within which allows me to ask and receive. Is a higher power really working on our lives in all its minutiae I don’t know. But when I do ask, mostly I receive and it makes me feel very good about life in general.

Two weeks ago, when it was pouring and people asked me not to not make this very same journey up the hills , there was a lull in the rain and I felt I had to get home.  I was very lucky to get home at the time I did. Just a couple of hours later, the road was cut off and the following day, the whole town was cut off by massive landslides. Then I certainly felt there is an inner voice to which if I listen, things do turn out right.

Is this is the voice of God? Or just an inner guiding light? Whatever, I wish I listen more often.


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