Take 10

This morning in spite of my best resolutions not to get into a tizzy about things that have to be done, I found my mind constantly running on fast -forward. I was thinking about the next thing that I had to do, instead of focusing on whatever I was doing right then.   Because a lot of things had to be done before I left the house on a trip that touched ten points. And it had a certain time frame. And chatty people kept calling up.  I started on  the  ‘can I do it all ?” worrying last night. The sad term for this kind of thing is ‘running around like a headless chicken. ”

But after muddling through breakfast, the head suddenly appeared and I  thought ‘what is this mad stuff going on in my head? Does it matter really whether these chores are done today or tomorrow? ‘ And my mind slowed down a bit. And then relaxed slightly.

I had so many things to do because I’d decided that I should leave the house  only twice a week and get everything done in those two days.  This would leave me time to do other things and relax too. In trying to simplify my life, I was just imposing more pressure on myself.

A little trick I ‘ve learnt while exercising is to count to 10 between different sets of exercises. This helps to catch my breath and focus a bit more on the next set and try to remember those mad instructions – breathe out, keep abdomen in , chin up –  the instructor tells you half way through the set.  Counting to 10  works when Im going from one job to another – to let go of the previous thought  and move into the next frame of mind.

I got into the car, counted to 10 and set off… and things turned out right.


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