Winging It

If you’re ruled by your to-do list, it’s time to learn the art of anything goes.  Plan a plan-free day: Put it on your calendar (in pen!) and when the time comes, let your freewheeling, creative, impulsive side call all the shots. Whatever you feel like doing that day, do it—no chores or responsible girl tasks allowed.    –  Woman’s Day

I didn’t plan yday quite like that. But it happened.  Just the anticipation   of getting dressed  on a Sunday morning, going out to eat a good breakfast cooked and served by someone else in very pleasant surroundings was a good way to  start the day.  Crisp cheese dosas, grilled sandwiches  and orange juice. Calories spilling over happily. Nahar restaurant beamed brightly in the morning sunshine displaying old tiles and blooming plants in a burst of good health  to happy tourists and a few locals like us.

Light shopping. And the rest of the day in bed with books, newspapers and TV because of a pulled muscle  in my back. The day slid by.

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