Fun money

A few days back, I sold a few months worth of newspapers, and got Rs.134 for them.  Unplanned money   makes for winning a lottery. There probably is  a name to describe this kind of free/gratis money  but for now, Im just thinking about what to do with the cash.

It could just be added to the monthly expenses, where it would disappear without trace. But I wanted to buy something special and mark it. What can I do with Rs.134 ? What would be a little special and give me a small high?

I could  buy

–  1 kg of apples since strawberries are not in season

–  a special , luxuriously packed soap

–   a face pack

–  3 luscious slices of black forest           

–  a sinful bar of special chocolate

–  a gay cap for winter

–  a little keep sake book but Im kind of past this

– a glass vase for a single flower ( they may be called bud vases but Im yet to pick a bud from garden)

– one big plant

– natty kitchen towels (slightly boring)

– a bathroom  mat

– a pedicure

– a glossy with lots of pics

– one share of IDFC  or two shares of Idea cell…

With smaller amounts of money, people generally think food but when persuaded to think beyond some answers I got

A door chime (Geetha)

Artificial flowers (Ramya)

A lipstick ( Kapu)

The finance wizards say that when you buy something,  you are giving up something else. But what I can see is you can make yourself happy or happier with a small amount of money too.


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