Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal could change the quality of your life beyond belief

says Sarah ban Breathnach in  her book Simple Abundance- A daybook of Comfort and Joy .

One of the 5 factors that could contribute to happiness in daily life is a gratitude journal says Tal Ben- Shahar, Psychology lecturer, Harvard University, on Big think in his talk on Five Ways to Become Happier Today. A couple of the other factors he mentions are Talking to your family and the Daily Workout.

My gratitude Journal took shape in 2006 after I started reading Simple Abundance and I have been maintaining it off and on; but mostly off, I’m afraid. Looking back on the entries, this Journal is not really interesting to read. Much more interesting are my diaries in the pages where I’ve managed to be frank and I’m whining open heartedly about the problems in my life at that point. At least, I can smile about all of that now.

To disagree with these experts has taken me some time.  I don’t know if keeping a record of the good things happening in my life has made me more grateful. But has helped for that moment in time.

Very often, its adversity and lack that makes me grateful. When the power is cut off for a few days or the water supply gets disrupted  or the maid doesn’t turn up; then Im  truly grateful when it does come back and I am focused  on the basics of life. At one point of my life, I was traveling so much that I was grateful whenever I got to sleep in my own bed. And said thanks to God every night. Of course, after a while, I got used to it and stopped saying thanks. After a crisis, then I’m saying thanks. Sometimes, when I am sufficiently conscious, I say thanks for the good things in my life. But making it a routine takes the spontaneity and true gratitude  off.

And so, I happily say goodbye to the gratitude Journal. And just try to stay happy   with whatever is happening.

I think gratitude also relates to a full life spent in awareness of all the good things that surround us.

I liked this thought very much which I read on

Zenhabits,  in a well thought out article on gratitude by Chris Guillebeau, who has such well defined plans for his life.

Note: This is a couple of months later, when I’ve taken up my gratitude journal again. I don’t write in it everyday but the fact that I do , reminds me to be grateful so much more often; like when looking up a brilliant sky full of stars…


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