Lampposts as Goalposts

Every so often I start off on a walking program. The third day after having walked  for 15 minutes (I always start with 15 minutes because its so easy to do – you just have to do that 7 minutes and turn back) , I start making notes in my diary. Next week -20 min, week after-25 and so on. I  don’t know if other people are this optimistic too.

A month or two later, Im amazed when I meet these notes. What,  how can I do 40 minutes or 60 or whatever ambitious goal is listed there? Me with my bad back or my holiday or guests…

Now, I’ve been on my 30 min walk for more than a month. The next lamppost is my only goal post. And I  reach for that only when  I’m feeling good.  Somedays I feel good and it gets to 40 minutes and  somedays its just 30. I’m taking it my own pace. And those terrifying walking programs from books and the Net are out.

Im  focusing on not stopping  anywhere in between . A friend tells me that when he is walking up the hill and somebody calls, they would think he is having a heart attack. Well, if anyone called me, they would just hear  deep breathing.

A trick I’ve learnt is to carry something small in my hand and move it from one hand to the other when I get to the next lamppost. This helps me keep focused on walking with a little speed rather than ambling along which I tend to do when my thoughts spread out.

Today.  I got to the bottom of the hill in 20 minutes and back up again ,   in Wow 25 minutes. So its celebration .

Maybe I should reward myself with one of these wonderful books suggested by Laurie , in a nice post by Laurie on My Big Walk. Im glad when I can take a day off unlike her.


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