The Alpha and the Omega

This is an excerpt from Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Travelled that managed to frighten, disturb and set me thinking a lot.

To explain the miracles of grace and evolution we hypothesise the existence of a God who wants us to grow – a God who loves us.

All of us who postulate a loving God and really think about it eventually come to a single terrifying idea.: God wants us to become Himself . We are growing toward godhood. God is the goal of evolution.

It is one thing to believe in a nice old God who will take good care of us from a lofty position of power which we ourselves could never begin to attain. It is quite another to believe in a god who has it in mind for us precisely that we should attain His position, His power, His wisdom, His identity.

But we do not want this obligation. We don’t want to have to work that hard. We don’t want God’s responsibility. We don’t want the responsibility of having to think all the time.

If God’s in his heaven and we are down here, and never the twain shall meet, we can let him have all the responsibility for evolution and the directorship of the universe. We can do our bit towards assuring ourselves a comfortable old age, hopefully complete with health and happy grateful children and grandchildren; but beyond that we not bother ourselves. These goals are difficult enough to achieve, and hardly to be disparaged. Nonetheless as we soon as we believe it is possible for man to  become God, we can never really rest for long, never say ’Ok my job is finished, my work is done’. We must constantly push ourselves to greater and greater wisdom, greater and greater effectiveness. By this belief we will have trapped ourselves at least until death, on an effortful treadmill of self improvement and spiritual growth. God’s responsibility must be our own. It is no wonder that the belief in the possibility of God head is repugnant.

The idea that God is actively nurturing us so that we might grow up to be like Him brings up face to face with our own laziness.


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