Less Is More

I’ve been on a  decluttering spree for the past few days. Clean, edit and put back. Especially with clothes, this is a terrific exercise.  I’m supposed to keep only those clothes in which I feel very good. This is the first step to being well dressed, say all the well-dressed-wardrobe- gurus . It sounds brilliant.

But you have to be rather ruthless. And not feel paroxysms of guilt over the price paid for something which you now feel doesn’t fit well or look nice. Then there are the clothes given to you by someone or which have sentimental associations. Tougher to give away. The third lot is the one that has clothes I think I would fit into as soon as I lose X kg which is going to happen very soon. All rather difficult to part with. But I  like the empty spaces in my wardrobe.

Finally I’ve take the rather drastic step of putting labels on most of my clothes. Labels with a date. If  I haven’t used the outfit even once the next year, out it goes. This is very tough  for us Indian ladies with our collection of expensive silk sarees which we rarely wear. One friend of mine has given away her wedding sarees. I don’t know if I can be that tough, but  next year, I’m going to try wearing all my clothes oftener. At least I will know, if I can’t force myself to wear a saree, then its time it went to someone who would like it better.

Tricia Gold tells you how to declutter your wardrobe in a very nice way starting off by attending to your bloodpressure and mental attitude.  A very practical guide is by April Dykman on Get rich Slowly. I particularly like the idea that  “70 percent of the clothes you own should be meat and potatoes”. I think a great many of us get that wrong.

Today I started off by wearing the Mark and Spencer’s coat given to me by a cousin a couple of years ago. The coat is cut beautifully; it looks good, it fits well. The problem has been that I don’t live in a coat- wearing-society. We prefer lighter, more colorful, cardigans which allow the skin to breathe and match our outfit. But I’ve decided to start using my coat and went out today  feeling a bit like Sherlock Homes, but also rather smart. Teamed with the silver hoop earrings which the same cousin brought for my daughters and which they refused to claim; I felt very trendy and terrific.


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