Creating A Personalized Calendar

One of the things I’ve been involved with  recently,  is creating a calendar of the family’s birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

When you are making such a calendar there are steps to be followed in a certain order:

1)      Decide how much of the family is going to be included. Clear demarcations are necessary because people get upset if not included.

2)      Ask everyone to send their favorite photos ( 2 each) Even though  their pictures are displayed in  1” squares on the calendar;  people can get het up over this. Although they may not have  responded to your mails marked ‘urgent’ till 2 weeks later.

3)      Make it clear that is their fault. Do it now because they will forget later.

4)      Download all the software necessary – Picasa, Winzip,… special software for the website.

5)      Crop, edit till you have their faces only, suitably beaming

6)      Store in one folder with a word file detailing all the b’days and anniversaries for each month.

7)      Create a collage of all the people involved. If you have a separate folder with these pics alone, it becomes very easy with Picasa

8)      Upload pics to website

9)      Drag and drop to calendar. This is the best and easiest part.

10)   Make up some captions if you are witty enough. You should have asked some member of the family to do this but it probably won’t get done. So be prepared to do it yourself.

11)   Show it to one or two members of the family. They will suggest lots of changes. So limit the damage

12)  Publish before too many people get into the act.

Obviously, I did everything in the wrong order and lost a few weeks of my life meanwhile. So I thought I’d put my experience down for those  looking for personalized presents. Its very simple actually 🙂

We did it at because it was the bright idea of my sister who lives in Canada.

In India too one can get it done at

at the book site


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