Blowing Away

One decluterring project which gives a lot of satisfaction is clearing out the Inbox  of  my email accounts. Finally, I’ve won the fight to keep every sentimental email and let go.

I don’t usually go back and read old email. I’m not in business and need to keep very few contacts. But I’ve hung on to ..gulp 1000s of mail for some time. Now I have one archive (yes a bit of cheating there) where I ‘ve swept away things I think I might want to read again. But the bulk of it is lost for ever. My mail takes less time to load and there are about 3 mails on a  blank white page. Im still feeling  surprised when I open it.. Is this mine? But it looks and feels good. And my life and mind feel so less cluttered.

This pic is by chrisdejabet on flickr. Its so magnificent.  I wanted to look at it often and feel the wind blowing


5 thoughts on “Blowing Away

  1. Congrats on fighting this battle and to have won.
    Getting rid of the thousands.
    And preserving few.
    The gentle Quality has won over the terrible quantity.
    Shows the rise from the lower decks to the upper ones – of the soul!

  2. sigh… not required to try.

    we don’t have ones that write thousands of sentimental mails 😦

    We hold the bull by the horn… not run after the tail!

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