A little Bit of Home

I was out in  town with a long list of odd jobs. My daughter , Darshini calls. Suddenly she comes up with, “Why didn’t you send me some plum cake from there?”

And Im saying ” What?”    

“That special  Xmas cake from Kingstar.”

I think she’s crazy. Why can’t she just buy whatever cake she likes in Chennai? Why add to the cost and send it from here?

But after a while, my mind stops thinking in these well-worn lines and starts moving to a new groove.

Why not? A parcel from home always adds a special zing to life.

So I do it. Buy a special envelope from a stationers; buy the cake, go to the courier office, adress it, stick it , send it.

And she’s wildly happy today. It was worth it.

P.S. While looking for a picture of a  ‘plum cake ‘, I discover that the rest of the World has a different idea of what a  ‘plum cake’ should be. But to us, its a dark gorgeous , slightly stick slice of assorted dry fruit held together  in a dark base which I don’t want to fathom. For those who do, there is a step-by-step recipe here at New England’s Malayalee Assocation’s Blog ! It sure looks good.  Plum cake is best in Kerala, I guess , and at Kingstar!


6 thoughts on “A little Bit of Home

  1. I like the new layout – very uncluttered.
    Ah – plum cakes. I agree with you. We looked and looked for the Kerala ishtyle plum cakes the kottayam christians made assuming they originated from the Blighty. But never appeared.We can get some frozen stuff in the mallu shops here close to Xmas though..

    yeah – like you said it is not a good idea to go around looking for plum or fruit cakes in the US..many fit in that category here.

  2. It isn’t the plum cake or the recipe or the kingstar… it’s the love from Mom that the child was asking!


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