Different Walks for Different Days

One of my resolutions for this year is to do things as differently as I can . I thought I’d try different walks on different days of the week. Though staying with the route you go everyday is  the easiest.  But mind numbing.

Monday -The Gori

Monday : The Gorishola road. Past the lovely reservoir, the Durgha, the Sinclairs Hotel and the Tea Factory. The road becomes so bad past the Hotel. A favorite walk of mine until the road got so broken up in recent rain.

Tuesday. Up the road to tiger Hill Reservoir, past all those holiday bungalows till the road peters out to the forest.. no I didn’t go there…not alone.

Tuesday- Tiger hill

Wednesday: Raining cats and dogs

Thursday : In town so decided to go for a few circles around the Botanical garden. Looking at the festive crowds and the green lawns, I thought I should do this more often. The best part is not buying a ticket to go in. I can say  “‘Local-Walk”  and they let me in.

Thurs- Botanical gardens

Friday: The road leading down to town. Ah the familiar comfort of my usual walk. Went a little longer and came back and had a nice nap.

Friday - road home

Saturday : Repeated the same walk. The town gets too crowded on weekends  to go anywhere pleasurable.

(Botanical gardens photo: courtesy micah Craig on Flickr)

Mark Harrison details all the benefits of walking, more than I knew here on Dumb Little Man. I’m just following my bliss.

At 43things.com is where you can list all those different things you want to do – or get some new ideas like belly dancing or the salsa


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