Right Now Is All There Is

This job is what I am meant to be doing right now.  And I should do it well, and enjoy it as much as I can.

I was at the sink, rather awash in resentment , since my maid was on her 4th day of absenteeism. And then I was thinking, why the resentment? After all, these were my vessels and it was my kitchen. Somewhere inside me, was the  feeling that  I should be doing something more important, something better.  I shouldn’t have  to be spending my time washing vessels. But actually what more important thing could I be doing in that half hour? If I looked it that way, not really too much. Even life saving doctors and brilliant scientists and writers take time off. Then everything became okay. This is what I was meant to be doing at that moment.

It does seem an obvious thought and one that we have come across before. But to read it and think I must make it true for me, is quite different from actually feeling it.

And since then, I have been bringing it back to mind while I go around mundane chores. And it does make it easier and me, more cheerful. Even when I make my husband’s dinner, rather bleary eyed, late at night.


2 thoughts on “Right Now Is All There Is

  1. You are right! After all it is our own home. But then we all do crib. Still, if you realise,those maid-less days are when other family members are more helpful and actually sympathise with you a great deal. So make the most of it.

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