Today I Released A Little Something…

Today , I filled this little pot with rock salt and set it out on my kitchen counter. I bought it several years ago, in Bombay , because I loved the colors and the pattern. And it stayed safely inside the cupboard,   coming out once a  year like a demure maiden in company to flash its good looks around and go back safely in after dark.  But now, its’ right out in the open for me to handle every day. Because, rock salt is somehow right for chutneys that I make most days.

Tyler Karaszewski writes “This is my effort to emphasize the days that make up 99% of our lives. For 30 days, I’m recording the regular things that I do, every day. ”

And he has. With wonderful photographs.  Do have a look. Its  inspiring. I would do it too except that Im not a photographer.


6 thoughts on “Today I Released A Little Something…

  1. Sounds to me as if you are going to share with us how you “live in the moment” day to day. Being in the present. Not the past. Nor the future, but . . . now.

    Can’t wait to see you over the next 30 days!

    michael j

  2. Could it be made to 60days?

    There’s a tamil saying that ‘mogam muppathu naal’ meaning of course… first 30 days is publicity material.

    We are eagerly looking for the report on second 30 days!

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