Some dreamy men

At the risk of sounding like a besotted teenager, or worse, an overblown middle aged woman full of brittle enthusiasm for things which everyone including herself  think she is past: braving the ways of the world I would like to bring up  some men who bring joy into my life.. …via celluloid.

Morgan Freeman: Currently, my hot favorite. I watch any movie in which he plays a part. Somehow, this tall gent puts across charm and a basic goodness and slow courtliness which I appreciate. It feels like I and the rest of world can be a better place after watching him for a couple of hours. Maybe it’s the characters he chooses, but he chooses right.

Danny the Dog (with Jet Li …another favorite) , Bucket List, The Shawshank Redemption among the ones I remember.  He won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor as an aging boxing trainer in director Clint Eastwood’s “Million Dollar Baby” .

Robin Williams. His size, his energy, his refreshing zest for life is enervating. There are some movies of his I didn’t like too much and now some I like. Dead Poets Society about being an inspiring teacher of English in a boys school is about being creative in any profession.  Birdcage , about two men living together and trying to get ‘their son ‘ married is so full of love.

After watching, Good Morning, Vietnam one feels one must get more creative in life and stop being so humdrum and look out for more. Let Go. There are so many ways to live life than within parallel lines.

Jim Carey is too whacky to be really a favorite but still, just after watching a bit of him in Bruce, the Almighty which seems to be a Christmas favorite on many channels, I think , we are all such stuffed shirts carrying shields around. Why don’t we let go , make faces, shout , scream, live?

Tom Hanks, I loved in Forest Gump, and in the romances Sleepless in Seatlle and You’ve Got Mail with Meg Ryan. But the sheen has worn off after seeing him in The Da Vinci Code. Here is a man who doesn’t age well.

Then there is Pierce Brosnan, who as James Bond will automatically enter any list.

I think I’d better stop here. But if you want to go on, have a look at the list of 50 Sexiest Men Over 50: Only Tony Blair is here; so it could be very biased

But my advice is don’t go round reading any little biographies of these men anywhere. It’s all too murky . Just look, enjoy and forget.


7 thoughts on “Some dreamy men

  1. Atleast some of those who should be on that list ( I did not check the list, so hopefully they are there and some of them must be very old!) – Omar Sharrif, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery.. and I think John Major is better looking than Tony Blair!

  2. The Green Mile of Tom, was touching. Sadly, besotted teenagers complain his loss of sheen after the Da code. We thought he’s ageless!

    He used to wrongly spell his name with an additional ‘r’ in Forrest.

    Join hands in voting for Sean Connnery, kids love him as zorro

  3. All right, all right.

    I agree with all you mentioned, except for Jim Carey. I seen too many of his earlier pictures to put him in the same category as the others. Given more time, and more pictures of substance, maybe. But not just yet.

    michael j

  4. Wow, I never expected this post to evoke so much response. All these macho types are close to our hearts then:-)
    Radha – Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Bruce Willis all figure in the top50. But Omar seems to have passed on or been overlooked. Oh, We Mackenna’s Gold generation!

  5. Newton, stand corrected. Forrest then. Was there a version of Zorro with Sean Connery? I only saw the one with the swashbuckling Antonio Banderas and the powerful Anthony Hopkins

  6. it’s okay about the ‘r’. To err is huwoman.

    Noticed that Jim Carey, Omar, Sylvester Stallone, Obama, Schumacher didn’t make it, to the list. Probably listed under ’50 Smartest men’

    everyone was wearing masks in that film zorro, t’was a bit difficult identifying

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