The Allure of the Sink

Last night, I didn’t wash up. And it was hard not doing it.

This sounds a bit crazy. Because this habit of washing up at night is a recent acquisition. I started off by thinking I should wash my own plate and tumbler which many of us Indian ladies with maids , don’t do. Slowly it settled into clearing up the sink at night. It gave a very good feel in the morning when I start cooking.

But yesterday, I thought I shouldn’t do it. Break the habit sometimes.  That would keep me from getting rigid about a few thing , specially about cleanliness which can take over, so easily, if you are so inclined.

Washing up seems to bring with it a kind of therapeutic  feeling that you are in control. I’ve seen my 85 year old father, wash up religiously every night inspite of the fact that the maid will come in the morning and do it instead. Maybe it gives him a feel that he is controlling some of the clutter which builds up in a house where old people live.

In flylady,  a site which helps to clean the chaos in your  life ;the first baby step to getting rid of chaos is shining your sink .

So, maybe I have a point in not letting the sink take over my life.


10 thoughts on “The Allure of the Sink

  1. Oh, that “FlyLady” website looks so busy, so chaotic, so “overwhelming.”

    I could not stay to read more than a few lines. Let the dishes go. You’ll get to them another time.
    Focus on what’s inside, not what’s outside.

    michael j

  2. Thank for the link….

    nd in the end everyone becomes a “super lady” 🙂

    as for washing up before night, I think it has been like a must do chore specially if one has her MIL arnd 🙂 but some of us with none to bother does sometimes leave the kitchen sink dirty…a cardinal sin I am always told….

    but then facing a clean kitchen in the morning is very refreshing..

  3. Nothing like a clean sink to greet you in the morning. I do like to keep whatever I need the first thing in the morning – teacups, strainer, some vessels – cleaned at night.

  4. Radha, I do agree. To have everything ready for the next day is a wonderful thing to wake up to.
    I just don’t want to let it take me over, so I feel very bad when things are not so ready.
    But a clean sink is still wonderful 🙂

  5. Salutations to your Father.
    Was touched to read the shining example he sets:
    Practising instead of preaching!

    Hi HKitten,

    Great to know that kitchens in Kuwait are shining under the rule of the MILs..!!

  6. All right, let a man “sink” his two cents worth into this debate.

    I clean the bathroom sink every morning. I am always awake before anyone else, and I like to see a clean sink when I walk into the room. It was “redone” when I was away from the house, and it has now become my favorite room with its comfortable shades of blue, brown and white. I enjoy being there.

    You see, I “roomed” with a bunch of guys, veterans at a Veterans Administration Center and learned that most never cleaned up after themselves. The guys that did earned my immediate respect. And I started doing it myself for others. It made me feel good

    I brought that “service” home with me and enjoy providing that little bit of, let’s say “niceness” to the homefront.

    Ok. Don’t tell too many people, they may get the wrong idea about me. I still got a reputation to consider, you know.

    michael j

  7. HI Michael,
    Thanks for risking your reputation with us and sharing this little ‘secret of courtesy’. And when you say, it makes you ‘feel good’, then it no longer seems like a dreaded chore.
    Nice that it feels like your favorite room. Should be a good looker.

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