Letting People In

This last week has sped by on wings. With houseguests for my B&B venture; friends coming to lunch; the house has been full as it should be and there’s been lots of cooking and food.

We had a Dutch couple as our B&B guests for a couple of days. They are a nice buoyant couple determined to walk around and see South India on a shoestring.  I learnt a lot about the Netherlands which I didn’t know before. And about their way of life. For instance, that Sarah went to convent school where the nuns checked the length of her uniforms everyday and that her Mom was very careful about who Sarah’s friends were . Sounds just like here 🙂

And with this couple, I learnt to interact with strangers much more than before. In this year, I can see how much my stiffness has been dissolving away. And I’ve been learning about other places and different ways of life. And that yet, people are the same underneath.


2 thoughts on “Letting People In

  1. You got a B & B?

    How close are you to any places the Buddha walked?

    How long would it take to get there from where the Buddha stayed?

    I like your details of daily life. Kinda like a journal, isn’t it? Just think. Some day they could all be gathered in one place, printed, and provided to another generation to enjoy, laugh with, or even shed a small tear.

    Thanks for you, my “mystic” from India.

  2. Buddha lived in the very North of India, while we live in the southernmost part, Im afraid. You would have to cross the country. By flight, one day, by train, two or three.
    This couple ‘did’ North India on one trip; and the South the next year.
    But Michael, if you plan to come; don’t have any illusions about our people. We are good and bad, greedy and generous, materialistic and inward looking – a mix like any other people. Do not think you are coming to a land where people are particularly spiritual or non-materialistic. Its a land where many saints have walked. That doesn’t make all of us saints.

    Thank you for your generous comments. Im cheering myself up, and in the process, if I give some pleasure to someone else, that’s happiness.
    And if, another generation reads this writing , we are making history.:-))

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