Family blues

Coming home, I miss the bustle and noise and hectic activity of the past few days. The house seems antiseptically clean and empty. After spending the past 3 nights sleeping among a row of 10, lots of hustle, bustle, arguing and eating of a family trip, its a kind of shock to be alone.

But more, I can close my eyes and think of that sea, with the sound of pounding surf,  the sand and the water. I can’t remember having such fun in  water after childhood. The beach was shallow and empty, because it was the private beach of the resort. We could let ourselves go. With just women and children on the beach – it was uninhibited fun.

Sand castle building competition.  Reading the newspapers lying stretched on a deck chair, tipping people out of hammocks, planning the steps to replicate the hammock in our own backyards ( start with saving towards a piece of land, buy it, grow two coconut trees, wait 10 years till they grow tall enough)….playing Buzz word because my sis had brought  it all the way from canada, eating melted  chocs by the dozen, thinking we should go sightseeing and never doing it, wandering down the beach to find a chai kadai and instead finding a boatman who could be bribed to take us out into the deep blue sea, crowing to the people who missed the trip…. it was a great trip for from 85 year old to 1 year old..

Thalikulam Beach Resorts is about 30 minutes from Trissur, Kerala. The private beach is awesome, the cottages clean and nice, the food average and the service, terrible.  Since our family is  very hinged on food, they had a great time complaining and since I was in charge of organising the trip, kept me too busy fielding their brickbats to take any photographs. But lots of the others did, and sometime will post them.

Sindhu, who couldnt make the trip and fervently hoped it would rain both days, has just sent me a link to a dinky little organizer which you can make out of paper and carry around. Its called the Pocket mod and is cute, and I already tried it out.  But right now, I’m  blank about getting back into organizing my life.


5 thoughts on “Family blues

  1. Your writing pulled me right into the picture. Not the photograph, but the one your created with colorful coconut words, descriptions of private, empty beeches, and a world of wonder with average food and terrible service.

    Felt a little taste of heaven. Or was that Nirvana?

    michael j

  2. never been there – in fact other than family visits we have done no vacationing in that sense during India visits, but the place would have been nice…

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