Invoke blessings

New house, new event, new ventures are started off by calling on Pillaiyaar to give his blessings. So today  I called upon my Pillaiyar of the garden to start off this New Year very auspiciously.

Actually I didnt. Just hung around in the garden because it was a hot sunny morning with blue skies after a long long while. And looked at the weeds, the  dry earth, the flowers brave enough to venture out in winter, all the dry leaves blowing around, the fish swimming around in a dirty pond and did nothing:-)

Pillaiyar adds a special touch to my wild garden. And when I’m troubled, I just have to look out of the window to see him sitting undisturbed by it all; and its enough to send some tranquility through me.


5 thoughts on “Invoke blessings

  1. I saw a 3-foot statue of Pillaiyaar in the open “locker room” for the sauna at Omega Institute last October. I felt a warm and smiling sensation looking at it. Hindu? In line with Shiva, the creator and the destroyer? Don’t know, but I feel “welcomed” to be around them.

    Like your touch of pink today. Wish I could have felt the sun the way you did in your part of the world.

    michael j

  2. Ganesha/Pillaiyar/Ganapathy/Vinayaka… always gives a benevolent feeling. Like looking at an elephant (tame one:-) Glad you caught it, Michael.
    Yes, Hindu. Son of Shiva. Intelligent and benevolent. Remover of obstacles.
    You are well informed!

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