Valappu vadai

This morning I woke up and decided to make valapoo vadai. For the first time in my life. Which says a lot about the labour involved in cooking valaipoo and something about my repertoire of  traditional dishes. And the after effects of watching Julia and Julie last night. The movie  does inspire one to dash out, buy a huge cook book and work one’s way through it. At the least, through one of the cook books one owns. Thankfully the feeling lasted long enough for me to tackle the valaipoo cheerfully, even calling my sis- in- law to get the proper recipe. A close version is here ; only I used pottu kadalai which gives a nice flavor instead of the dals.

Valaipoo or plantain flower has  many layers which one must peel to get the very neatly packed rows of flowers, between each layer. Then one has to tear open each flower, pull out the stamen and a small skin keeping them in. And after that proceed with the rest of the vadai.

Things like this go with a bunch of women, all sitting around on the floor  engaged in various tasks of meal preparation, chatting and making work light. At least that’s how I remember it in my mother’s house and occasionally at my mother- in law’s.  Well, this is no longer how it is. So I gamely tackled the valaipoo. Today being AR Rehman’s b’day, the radio had a stream of nice music helping it along. And I managed to finish before my husband left for work. Which gave a very nice creative start to the day. Tackling something new is always so good for the soul.

Close is watching Meryl Streep.


7 thoughts on “Valappu vadai

  1. Have never tasted the vadai made out of this but only the thoran…

    nd yesterday while I was talking to my frnd realized that many such veg preparations have now gone from the households.. and it is sad..

  2. You brought me out of my home place near Philly right to Bombay with your description of the food prparation. thanks.

    By the way, here is a set of photos, the last of which is my favorite. It’s the Elephant Diety you mentioned in one of your posts. At least, I think it is, Check it out when you get a chance.

    michael j

    Veterans’ PTSD helped at Omega lands

  3. Fond memories of my dear departed Mom making vallapu vadais…and yes, my generation has lost 90% of the dishes that she and her sisters could prepare!

    I visit the Nilgiris often, close family friends there – next time I must arrive as the smell of vallapu vadais wafts through the gentle air there!

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