Its okay to ask for peace and quiet sometimes

Its okay to ask for peace and quiet sometimes. That’s the message I got from my favorite cousin bro in the course of a chat this morning on the telephone.

And I felt absolved from the niggling guilt I had been feeling for  ‘abandoning ‘ my visiting sis and her family and snuggling back into my home for a few days. The family holiday had been wonderful. My sis and co were staying on in Cbe in my father’s home for a few more days. Another sister chose to take leave from her job and spend more time with them.  More people came to join the merry crowd. They were engaged in lots of gala activities. ‘You should have stayed back’, my father has been saying often.

But somehow, I didn’t want to. Maybe I needed to come back home to recharge my batteries.  And as my cousin was saying, sometimes you really need the peace and quiet . And it seems okay to give in to the need.

Pic courtesy: Flickr-Marathmola Mawla


2 thoughts on “Its okay to ask for peace and quiet sometimes

  1. You don’t know how your “peace and quiet” posts inspire me. Even comments to your articles that are automatically e-mailed to me generate responses. Like the comment about the statue in your back yard and how you could simply look out your back window whether you need to or not and get the same peaceful feeling. I wrote a post from that three or four sentence “reply.”

    Now, if I could only figure out how to get photos “uploaded” onto a post. Where’s my teenage son — who knows all about this technology — when I need him? Oh, that’s right. He’s in school.


    michael j

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