House Proud

A friend has this theory: Some women put all of themselves into dressing well and looking good and attractive; while some women with, shall we say, not so much self esteem, put their energy and creativity into dressing up their houses instead. Of the rest, a miniscule percentage do both, while some don’t do both.

I fit fully into the second category and yday found me enjoying myself hugely at an @home sale. With the years though, I buy less and less and content myself with just looking and thinking I could buy this if I want to but I really don’t want it.

This year,  we bought a chimney for the kitchen, something that has been in the wings for a couple of years. Even then, Sindhu said ” why don’t you buy something that gives you more pleasure instead of this ugly thing? ‘ But I thought that we do need to cut the oiliness on countertops as much as we can.

Today, a very young man came to fit it up. And the experience of dealing with a smart, slick, competent technician from Coimbatore  was  different. Our local workmen tend to go ‘duh’ when confronted with new things . Of course,  they won’t admit they are really not sure of what they are doing; but in due course they will  ask if I would mind going down to town to buy a couple of screws. And I will mind. So they will come back tomorrow.  But now, we have this funny looking, loud  appliance working right away and hopefully, the kitchen gets a little cleaner.

But the peak of the house- proud experience was seeing a woman sweep the road in front of her house,this evening. She lives in a small one- room shack made of aluminum and zinc sheets, one of the settlers who moved in to ‘common land’ a couple of years ago when a storm destroyed many houses. She has fenced off a small bit of land around the shack and in this there is a heap of firewood neatly stacked and a few plants in another corner. She obviously extends her sense of cleanliness to her surroundings and said to me ‘ All the dirt on the road is so horrible to see isn’t it?, so we have to keep it clean.”

If only all of us had the same civic sense.

Photo courtesy :nevil zaveri on Flickr


5 thoughts on “House Proud

  1. Maddy,you are the world traveller so you should know. But, when people fling their refuse out of cars onto our roads; when I see chips packets and plastic bottles everywhere,then really the civic sense of the tourist who comes to enjoy natural beauty but winds up sullying the place is in question.

  2. I love to see the house spick and span. But then sometimes lethargy sets in. And civic sense is what so many people lack. The house may be clean, while trash is dumped outside, and as you said car windows lowered to chuck out a chocolate wrapper! But the same Indian in Dubai or Singapore will throw litter in the trash can only!

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