Passion and History

Im very pleased with myself. For a little bit of going with the flow.

Yday we set off of for what we thought was a week’s travel. After clearing out the fridge, stopping the milk, arranging for someone to come and sleep in the house and all the other little nitty gritties of closing up home; halfway down to Coimbatore, a phone call cancels the trip. My husband is so elated that his bit of governmental red tape has been circumvented. My mind slowly gets used to the idea of returning home and I think of all the strings I’ve dropped that I can now pick up. I don’t even spit out even the mildest of invectives with which I can shower my spouse.

Instead I drag him off to see the Sullivan  Memorial at Kotagiri. John Sullivan, Collector of Coimbatore, founder of Ootacamund is a man larger than life. Such a spirit of adventure to go haring into the hills, build a house there and slowly found a whole town; introduce new crops and a whole new way of living to the natives and create an artificial lake ‘to water the plains’. And these are only some of his achievements.

I won’t go into the history here because the Nilgiris is one of the most well –documented areas in the world. As a friend puts it, we could probably paper the whole damn district with all that has been written about it.

The Nilgiris Documentation Centre is housed in recently renovated Sullivan’s Centre, in the first house Sullivan built in the Nilgiris. The man behind the restoration is D.Venugopal. Venugopal  is also the co -founder of the Save Nilgiris Campaign and is completely committed to  preserving the history and the environment of these hills.

Another person with a passion for history is fellow blogger Maddy who meticulously researches various aspects of Indian  history and lays it out in generous essays where we, the less devoted to history, can get a good bird’s eye view of how people were.

Men with passion leave the world a better place than they found it; and inspire others too, with their sheer energy and enthusiasm. These men, probably didn’t go with the flow 🙂

May we all find our passion.


3 thoughts on “Passion and History

  1. thanks kallu for the kind comment..
    the path that you have traveled makes the person at the end of it. Is that not true when you think about it? but my forays into history are going to leave me with sodakuppi glasses and even lesser readers who get bored with all those musty tales..
    I suppose todays reader loves smaller blogs on arya or vikram or mohanlal or the booze industry in kerala or whatever..some accuse me of quoting or reading mainly history books written by non Indians…

    but i will forge on…nonetheless..thanks again & try getting the W Francis book if Nilgiris history interest you – it is on google books

    talking of Nilgiris, we found nilgiri’s ‘pakkavada’ and ‘mixture’ at the neighborhood shop – it was fantastic..

  2. Maddy, its the person who chooses the path and evolves on the way. If you were a different kind of person you might be blogging about Mohanlal and be more widely read. But you have chosen to follow your passion and end up with soda glasses 🙂 but Im sure you are happier because you are doing what you want to. And people respect that.

    Well, you have to find your sources wherever they are..forget your detractors.

    Thanks for the tip on Francis.
    But have to admit ‘Nilgiris’ has nothing much to do with us except the name.. we are famous for ‘varkis’ and chocolates. But the person who started the department store Nilgiris started his first little dairy business here before moving to Erode. Recently, they opened a little branch here in memory of their origins. Enjoy your pakkavada and mixture.

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