A True Brahmin

A true Brahmin does not save anything for tomorrow.

That’s a tenet I learnt from Cho’s serial ‘engey bhramanan’ which I watched religiously last season. He explained a lot from a lot of  religious texts but most of it didn’t stick.

Not that I am a Brahmin, but in general the word  means a person who is trying to be a better, more spiritually oriented person who trusts in God for the morrow.

I’m trying to practice this with food for these 3 days, now that my cupboards are empty. In a fit of decluterring and simplifying, I went through the convenience foods we had in store so we don’t even have ready mixes left. And I don’t want to buy more fresh veg because we are leaving town anyway tomorrow.

I tend to plan my meals before hand. Long ago, when I was running a small factory and bringing up two small children and multi tasking all the time; I learnt to plan a week’s menu ahead. So much so, that Sindhu even now, will say….‘What ! how can you serve idlis on Saturday?’ (because she still hates them).  I have let go of so much pre-planning, but since our nearest shop is 1.5 km away and we have no neighbours to whom I can rush over and ask for a couple of green chillies ( how I long for that comfort!), I do have to plan ahead.

But these last two days, I have let go of trying to conserve my meager resources (veg and fruit) and use whatever is on hand now. The next meal will somehow work out. And I am getting more creative and resourceful and it’s challenging and fun.


4 thoughts on “A True Brahmin

  1. Bravo!

    Think I’ll try something like that, use up what I already hane on hand rather than rushing out to get the latest whatever when I already had yesterday’s whatever tucked away on the shelf

    Brahmin, huh? sounds like someone in a robe that’s brown, not pink.

    michael j

  2. Yes, Radha. While a full fridge gives its own feeling of satiety, an empty one seems to be a reward for a mix of industriousness, frugality and judicious use. A halo alright:-)

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