Chugging back and forth

Today I took a ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, thanks to Susan, a friend of my sister Karthy from Vancouver , after 15 years.  One doesn’t do the tourist things in one’s town..if one can help it 🙂

Susan came to Ooty yesterday just to ride down on this famous Mountain Railway. More than  100 years old; unique with its rack railway, steam locomotive (diesel now),  UNESCO World Heritage site etc ., its rather special. And of course the trip to Metuppalayam wasn’t happening because of repairs to the railway line. So I thought I would send her on the shorter rail trip to Coonoor and back. But I didn’t want her to get lost or have some bad experience while she was under my wing, so I decided to go along and enjoy it without prejudice .

I generally enjoy train journeys but  I’ve avoided this train over the years because last two times it was overcrowded and I didn’t have too many pleasant memories and it is very slow.  But it was surprisingly nice. The ride of course is very pretty and passes through many lovely locations – background for  many many movies including the famous chaiya  chaiya song.

First class to Coonoor, 1 hour away, cost Rs.75 while the return by second class cost only Rs. 2 thanks to UNESCO I guess. But the First class uses the old small compartments while the Second is more like a bus .

I’m glad I didn’t succumb to playing safe and staying home ,which I longed to do  after rollercoasting with my sis and family for a couple of weeks. My home, my bed, quietness and my routine is all I wanted today. But life had other plans.


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