Catching up

Today has been a good day in many ways. I seem to be in charge of my life again,  doing the things I want to do .  Just taking a walk, eating lighter, having a long bath, working on the computer seem good things to do after traveling for many days.

Being a passenger is more difficult than being a driver. ‘ Reading that in a book made me feel very good. Because it explained the feeling of slight unease I had been having while going along with my sister and kids.

But one truth that got dinned in again and again was ‘you can’t do it all, you have to choose’, while on vacation. You have to limit the sights you can see, the people you can meet, the number of things you can buy. And you should cut the regrets.

This morning, I extended the rule to focus on doing one thing.   I  didn’t switch on the internet until  I did some writing which I had to do.

Leo Babauta  propagates this kind of focus on his site, Zen Habits. Separate creating/producing from catching up. And  I was able to follow that . And it was good.  Keep reading him and it slowly sinks in.

What’s hard is sitting down to write.

What’s keeping us from sitting down is Resistance.” – Stephen Pressfield

Photo courtesy: paco CT .  Lovely isnt she? and so focused 🙂


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