Forgive us our trespasses..

This afternoon, my little ‘study group’ turned up at noon ‘just to visit’.  They used to come to study most evenings but now that they go to the town school, they turn up on odd weekends to read books  or play board games. Wasn’t I proud when they played Scrabble! Today they did a jigsaw puzzle on their own and found to their delight and mine, that it was a pic of Jack and The beanstalk – a book they had  been reading some months ago.

Roja, Vinitha and Ramya

I was glad to see them today because, the last time they had come, I was a bit snappy because they do have the habit of turning up unexpectedly and I have to cope with them. And I had been feeling a bit guilty about that.

When people forgive me my  snappishness and crudities; I feel so blessed that they can still see the good in me and that I have such good people in my life.

Also, that people do understand what it is that makes us all too human and recognise that sometimes -we are like that.


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