Stick It out and make it better

S and I went around tracking a project we are working on, through a couple of government offices. And received such negative reviews that it left us dismayed for the whole day. Sometimes, one rebuff can influence all the following activites that they all seem to be coloured with the same grey colour.

So to put some colour back, I went and had lunch with S. She’s recently left an abusive husband and moved into a tiny house on her own.  I looked around at the peeling paint, the bad floors, the clutter all around. She said cheerily,  “Why should I move? I have everything I need in my own cosy nest. And the freedom to come and go with no questions asked. ”

“The only thing that I find tough is the rent I have to pay when I have this huge house of mine elsewhere.” she said.

“That is the price of freedom,”  I told her. And that made her happy and put it into perspective.

Putting more zest into me was a little talk by David Shenk  I found on Big think. Its about geniuses, but it did throw light on how much persistence is needed to achieve anything worthwhile.


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