Family tree

Spent a great deal of the day working on  a small booklet we are creating for my Dad’s 82nd bday next week. Family members have contributed small write-ups of their memories of the times spent in my father’s house at Coimbatore. Most of it is top of the memory and very entertaining because it is straight from their thoughts with very little regard for syntax or sequence. And a lot of comments are about the food that they ate which confirms my suspicion that food is the center of hospitality and forms a core of our existence, especially of people from my family.

I had to spend a lot of time cajoling people to write and its worth it. Now its time to edit and compile old photos and make sure everyone is represented. Since my parents kept open house, a great many people feel they are family and would be very offended if they are left out.

One page is going to be a family tree and we’ve already crossed 100 easily. I find to my dismay that I don’t know some of the names of the youngest generation of extended family.

This part is only my immediate family . I used Simple Family Tree which downloads fast and doesn’t use much space on the computer. And is very easy to use. But looking for some software which displays photos as well.

The idea to create a written tribute was sparked off by a post by blogger Abraham Tharakan, who wrote about an anthology of memories created by people in his family, ( I think) when their ancient tharawad was about to be broken down. Abraham writes with great thought and elegance  about heritage buildings in Kerala and a lot besides.


4 thoughts on “Family tree

  1. Nice idea. We also have a family site on If you do not have one – try it. Great way to keep in touch. And PS – I am not their spokesperson or publicity manager.

  2. I talked to a friend yesterday who said he has a 490 page family tree from 1750 or something. he transcribed the whole thing from palm leaves to paper …some family that – from cannanore!!!

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