I’m yours

I bought a new dining table last week in about 5 minutes. Well, not actually 5 minutes but in less than 30. Which kind of astounded me and my family since I usually take a long time to decide about major buys. Shop around, ponder, go back and so on being my style.  I had been going around some furniture shops, but to look at centre tables, which was to be this years buy. Dining table was next year but it got fast forwarded.This one  called to me as the myth goes. And I had just about the price. So it seemed right.

I suspect it was because I have been looking at a similar sized table on a design website which was made out of a recycled door and very good looking. I had been thinking of doing that but thought it could be too much trouble.

Transporting this table all the way up, then bringing it home from the transporters, getting a carpenter to assemble it , took some time.  And since it was from FabIndia, who mostly export things, it must have been designed for Ikea or some tall Swedes and its a bit higher than usual.  So  our old chairs are rather dwarfed and looking like step sisters. Its going to take some time to find seating to match.  But Im still in love with the table.

The table mats, were made by my sister long ago, and of course were safely inside so they wouldn’t get dirty.:-) Now they’ve made their bow too.


2 thoughts on “I’m yours

  1. Thank You. I was battling with biting my lip when things got spilled on it. So I’ve put a glass top on it so it doesn’t matter too much.
    Fab India is expensive- but so classy! They even sent a couple of spanners with the table.

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