The Clean Glow

The first thing on my To-do list this morning was a pedicure. It was there right on top, because it had been on my list for more than 2 weeks and never got done. So, at 9.30 a.m., there I was sitting down watching morning TV with my feet soaked in hot soapy water. It felt a little strange, but my feet look much rather clean and nice now.

So, going the whole way, I went down the path of an elaborate homemade facial too. This takes about 6 steps and some concentration so one should do it when there is someone else around to answer the doorbell, so one doesn’t frighten off people. And  a generous amount of time

What you need are                   

Exfoliating scrub
A toner
Clay-based  facial mask
Basic moisturizer

But believe me, you feel very good and your face looks rather clean once you are through. For more details on how to do it, read  ‘Saving Face’, where Lily ,  writes in great detail about the life of a housewife in NY on  ‘A Charmed Housewife’.  She’s truly charming , indeed.

A morning spent pampering oneself  is rather refreshing for the soul. And body. And light on the purse too.

Photo courtesy: Rakka


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