All lights on green

‘When the purpose is right, Then God will make everything come right.’

Out of the mouths of  a young man in his early twenties, but he felt like a babe to me in his innocence. And he seemed so right.

Things had been happening right suddenly for the past couple of days, with my project of creating a book of memories for my Dad. I needed a photo scanner and on the first phone call, I was able to borrow one. Ever since, I have been wading through heaps of old photographs to select a few, keeping in mind people, time and theme. I put them together with Picasa, which is a basic photoeditor. All the spots on the old photos bothered me, but I was loath to download Adobe Photoshop and go through a learning process with a new version. Just scanning, arranging and rearranging has been time consuming.

On impulse, this evening, I decided to go out and get a couple of the sheets printed out as samples. I loaded the pics on to a pen –drive (first time I’m using such a thing!) ; got to town where I got a parking spot immediately and close by (isn’t that the best omen?:-). I went off confidently to the photo lab which had been recommended only to find it, unbelievably, closed. The guy had just left, the guy next door assured me. When everything seemed to be going right, how could this be?  I wandered into a couple of browsing cafes but they couldn’t help. And then I saw this digital photo shop which I’ve never seen before.

There was a young guy who didn’t look too bright wiping the computers. I was doubtful. He wore braces and spoke slowly. BUT the whole experience was so amazing. He showed me different qualities of paper; he processed the spots expertly, gave me lots advice where I could get the book printed cheaper, and topped it up with Adobe software and lots of tips.

I had a great time. And all the time I was thinking how does this child survive in this day and age? Telling his customers to go somewhere else and dispensing free work and advice? How did I end up here where I’m getting a solution to all my problems with the book?  God is working in mysterious ways in my life right now.

This is one page from the book.

We had a riproaring childhood with 4 girls at home and lots more around.Top row – corner is all my friends at my bday party, centre is me and sis, and the next one with a couple of friends. I wasn’t allowed to participate in the fashion shows,  deemed even then as lacking the right statuesque figure. So I got to be the photographer who could boss them all around.


4 thoughts on “All lights on green

  1. Michael, Im so glad this post touched you – someone. I was thinking this is such boring personal stuff, who would want to read it? I’m so glad you could relate.
    That was truly a moment of joy and I wanted to capture it.

  2. Radha, I’m not even half way to done!Its’ practically like conducting a mini wedding – asking everyone(repeatedly) for photos and contributions; and then editing and arranging and finally its the formatting…which is a learning process… practically the best part of it though stressful.
    I hope my Dad will appreciate it.
    Thank you

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