Getting Organized

Some people make lists, some can manage their lives without, blissfully following the flow of their thoughts. I fall definitely into the first category though very often I do leave home without the list, but just having written it out helps. And now that the memory is getting more and more holey, the writing of the lists is so therapeutic.

My latest toy  helping me  keep track of what I should be doing is this little white board and marker. Dinky.

Julie Green  created a Feelgood list when she was in Postpartum depression. And is now selling them customised. The list has things which you can do for yourself during the week and you can tick them off as you finish. ‘ Laugh with.., take a photo, go outside, draw, play a game…’ all sound good ways to me to beat the blues.  None of them involve spending money.  I would add doing a jigsaw which isn’t too difficult and  gives me a sense of achievement. Think of what you would write on your Feelgood List.


4 thoughts on “Getting Organized

  1. That’s a comfort. I’ve been thinking hard about the people I know who don’t make lists. In our age group, they are few in number and seem to lead less organized, cheerier lives.

  2. Radha, after googling I discover iphone is the Apple phone. Do you have one? Being a girl Guide seems simpler 😉
    My whole blog is about finding ways that make me feel better about myself. And its working in small ways!

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