Good day, Sunshine

After a few months of sunshine, the rain clouds gathered and chose to shed their bounty today.  The surveyor dithered. Finally, he said sometime in the late afternoon, let’s get the job done. It was still raining when I set off to fetch them. And I said to God, You’d better have the sun shining when we get back. And He Did.

Increasingly of late, my thoughts are turning positive. Before I do something, I think its going to be good. And it is.

I don’t know how or why this change is happening. But happening it is.


6 thoughts on “Good day, Sunshine

  1. Michael, you are making me sit back and think twice. Which shouldn’t happen in a question of faith. Questioning stopped me from believing for a long time.
    Our beliefs, God, religion, make the journey easier.
    So why not believe that the world revolves around me and there is a personal God up there watching out for me ? 🙂

    • Yes, yes, yes.

      They might call you a juvenile, a little crazy, even a heretic, but you are the only one God is concerned with at this very moment of your existence.

      Others matter. But, only in your relationship to them, to nature, to the Love you get to connect to from within.

      I need to get back to Omega Institute and take a brief vow of silence. I tend to get into too much trouble when I go off like this.

      But, you know what I mean.

      I hope.

      michael j

  2. It takes a little craziness to recognise another:-)

    We are the centre of our own worlds. Is that what you are saying? And people matter only in how much we allow them to matter?

    Staying silent helps sometimes and sometimes it doesnt.

    • You just put this in a way that looks better then i painted it. You improved on Quantum Physics from your internal knowledge.

      I am now using you as my teacher as i allow the world . . . and you . . . to revolve around me.

      “. . . people matter only in how much we allow them to matter . . .” — brilliant!

      michael j

  3. Michael, I’m just trying to see my own path. How could I possibly lead another? It would be like the blind leading the blind.

    You have to find your own path. But any light I shed inadvertently to help you along, Im glad.

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