You are teaching the English

Thursday is the day when we go to the Govt School and try to get a bunch of kids to recognize basic English words in the hope of getting them to read English books. They, of course have no such high ideals. For them, its a break from the regular learn-by-rote routine, when they get to shout and interact much more than usual. (that is my friend who is trying hard to instil some order)

Today, we got them to try and think of words that end with ‘an’.  ‘Khan’ and ‘Christian’ came up , making us laugh and wonder at their ingenuity. And wound up with dumb charades with lots of action -verbs. We’ve also learnt to carry a lot of sweets to class as prizes, which does add a lot of incentive and  expectations.

And its the naughtiest who will share their sweets with those who didn’t get any.

A lot of games can be found here at this ESL site. Many of them work with a basic knowledge of grammar,  but some of them don’t even presume that.


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