I’m grateful for the Memories

This morning I was saying Thanks for all the blessings in my life. Usually, I think of all the people in my family and some friends too. And then I started counting all the other blessings in my life, the material ones I could see. As I looked around, I saw a story in each one. Each one had associations with people, trips made, shopping excursions, furniture which took a long time in planning and making; gifts from other people. So I thought I would record all these memories.

Many times, our creative impulses fade away because we postpone them to a better period, when we have more time. And they disappear. So before the thought disappeared, I just went around with a camera capturing things as they were, without much rearranging. So, here is a little mosaic from my life.

–         the plate rack that was a housewarming present from Anandhi and is the subject of much envy because you just can’t find it any more

–         the mirrored mirror Dachu and I were delighted to find in Delhi’s Saroj market

–         the pillow covers painstakingly painted by Sindhu

–         the  stools Sindhu and I bought in a sale in Bangalore and had so much difficulty in bringing them to Ooty by bus but felt so proud about when we did it

–         the Ganesha picture we bought on the pavement outside Jahangir Art Gallery in Bombay when 6 of us went with Kapu who was writing her Dip.N.B. exam

–         the little cupboard made from window shutters brought from the parental house

–         pretty tins bought at a boot sale in England

–         the cassette player given to me for my bday  -planned by Dachu and bought by Prashanth

–         memento of a friend’s trip to China

–         the lucky find of a bale of  material in Uppukinar street and the making them into curtains after getting Ravi to bring curtain heading tape from England

–         my trusty and capcious handbag chosen after much deliberation and help from Sindhu and Harini

–         the lamp my parents gave me

–         the fruit rack given by friends for a bday

–         handsome serving spoons brought back by Karthy after a trip to Malayasia

–         the swing which delights everyone but is a bone of contention because it takes up so much space

–         cute little gifts from marathon runner Babu who stayed with us to train for  the NY marathon

–         the door mat brought by Kapu and Ramesh all the way from Bangalore on  a trip when they drove all the way in utter silence after a quarrel

–         the VCD player bought in a hurry just before Darshini’s wedding

–         the horse gifted by a friend hoping that I would become as strong, ready to rise and meet challenges and full of life as him

–         the bookshelf made of packing case wood which packed the machinery that we used in our little factory

–         posters bought by Sindhu at a crafts representing the states where my daughters lived then –Orissa and Maharashtra

–         the door recycled from my parent’s home

–         the glass window painted by me and Sindhu before the era of glass paints

–         Jaganath, Subadhra and Balarama from Puri

–         The readers in metal- souvenirs from Bhubaneswar

–         A picture of the Eiffel Tower from a trip to Paris

–         A memento of the Taj, Agra – a wonderful experience

–         Ganesha made from pulses gifted by Mallika at a ceremony just after Darshini’s wedding

–         The cow tissue holder brought by Karthy from Canada

–         The mixie which I bought recently and paid over the market price- a lesson to me to go around a few shops before buying and not being in a hurry – nothing is that urgent

–         The vegetable cutting board which I bought when my mother sent me out with my Chittappa, saying ‘just entertain him’- I didn’t have a clue how- and ended up shopping for my new house which he enjoyed

–         Embroidery I did when I was in bed with a bad back

–          A glass Ganesha which we watched being made at Dakshin chitra on a trip with college friends – a reunion after years and years

–         Cupboard made by a cocky carpenter with polio who couldn’t even stand straighter than 2’ but one never felt it – such was his mental stature – and he was the team leader of a bunch of other guys

–         Special tea in a special canister brought from SriLanka by Prashanth

–         Glass flower vase brought with love and special care by Jaya aunty all the way from the US only to find imitations here all over

–         Painting gifted by Newton on their trip here- a truly generous gesture to give away the only painting he’s ever done

–         2 terracotta ‘Three Wise Men’ brought from a trip to Goa from a vendor on the roadside

–         Pottery jar brought from home, reminding me of the pickles my mother used to make and store in it

–         Cane sofa which was our first major buy for the new house after a great deal of deliberation by Sindhu, Dachu and me. It was a moment of joy.

–         Lacey cotton curtains made from material bought on a shopping expedition in Cottonstreet at Madras with a friend’s family

–         Chairs gifted by a friend when I started a new venture some years ago

–         Buddha from Sarnath – a trip with Darshini, Sindhu and Gigi – a random excursion which turned out great

–         Krishnan and Radha  – a gift by Darshini’s friends and a  reminder of all the groups of girls I’ve entertained  and fed

–         Floor mat from a trip to Erode when we were distributing wedding invitations

–         Lamp bought on a shopping expedition accompanied by 6 kids who kept switching on all the lights in the shop to the dismay of the salesmen

A huge heap of memories. Makes it feel the ride has been worthwhile. And even if these things go away, I’ve had them and enjoyed them and recorded them here.  Good if I get Alzheimer’s’ 🙂

“What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.”        Colette


2 thoughts on “I’m grateful for the Memories

  1. Nice memories of families,folks and friends.
    Can see that Personal God has blessed lots.

    reminds the song “ngabagam varuthae… ngabagam varuthe..!!”

    Alzheimers sure seems to have set in for the banana eater….. a steel glass almirah is missing

    congratulations on Sindhu having got a good job in India’s best Company.


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