Thank you, that is so nice of you

How do you accept a compliment?

Say thank you. Smile widely. Say ‘That’s sweet of you’ or ‘that means something special coming from you’.

The way not to accept a compliment is to demur and say ‘oh no..actually….’ and list things you didn’t do or say  ‘it’s an old …..’

Or say things like “Oh it was easy, anyone could have done it.”

The last is my style, and I found to my astonishment,  a great many women seem to adopt this style too.

Women are very prone to this kind of statement because we are taught to be modest and self-depreciating . Somewhere inside us, we can’t accept someone saying good things about us although we long to hear good things about our body, our looks and the way we think and do things.

The book chronicling our family which I’ve been working on for the past 2 months is done and it is getting distributed. My cousin has written The book has been viewed by me, and I am really stunned by the enormous effort that has gone into it..’.

My immediate reaction is to say , ‘ but, actually …  ‘  and dwell on the 2% where I could have done better. But I’m not going to.

Accepting compliments graciously and dwelling on my achievements is something I have to practice. And I started off by putting ‘Edited by :Kalyani’ on the cover which rather stuns everyone in the family by its immodesty but pleases me greatly.


2 thoughts on “Thank you, that is so nice of you

  1. Now that’s what i call being “up front.”

    Your analysis applies to some of us guys at times. Too often, I may even ignore praise, believing such compliments would not only go to my head, but take away my sincere humbleness.

    don’t understand exactly what i’m saying, but i think you do.

    thanks for the insight and inspiration . . .

    michael j

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