Constantly strive to improve in order to see change.

If you are doing the same thing, day in and day out (lifting the same weights, running the same distance for the same time, etc) without any change or improvement, then nothing is going to happen to your body.

Your body wants to stay the same, and it is only when you decide to venture outside of your comfort zone that you will actually see any improvement – and that rule holds true with life as much as it does with exercise. Set goals, break records and constantly strive to get better. If you ran 5km in 30-minutes yesterday, then the next time out, aim for 29-minutes.  If you did 10 push-ups yesterday, then aim for 11 the next time you attempt them.

Force yourself out of what’s comfortable and you will change – both in body and in mind.

This is from a post by Chris Lopez about the 7-Essential Rules to Weight  Loss on Zen Habits.

And I found it very inspiring at the point I am in now in my fitness quest. A point where I can’t see any tangible results.

Last year, I had to spend a great deal of time in bed and caught up with so many movies, I could practically hold my own with  the younger generation.  After an operation, I was told don’t drive, don’t bend, don’t lift heavy weights and so on for a while.

Three months ago, I started exercising mildly and I lost some weight.  But then , the results stopped appearing and I was in the despairing bog weight watchers stay in.

But now, its clear I have to keep pushing my limits to see results. I can’t stay in the comfort zone I am in and say ‘ but I am doing so much more than before, why am I at the same weight? ‘   I have to try different things and a little more everyday.

So today, I did some work in the garden after a very long while. Putting out new plants is very good for the soul and hopefully balances out any damage to the back.  Good for the abs. 🙂

Fitness, like any relationship, needs constant  striving to be good.


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