Just Do It

The way to translate an idea into reality  is to just start doing it. Take that first misguided, tentative step. Now.

Otherwise, one tends to keep thinking about the idea, thinking about perfection, asking for ideas and opinions and waiting for the right time and sometimes, the idea slowly dies out.

I’ve been thinking about a blog about finance basics, for people who want to get their finances into a healthy state, for some order and method , for women mainly and dithering about it.

Today being ‘Woman’s Day, I thought would be a good day to launch it. I had neither title nor anything written down. And less than a couple of hours to do it. But I have at


Its off the ground in a very raw state. Its sure to see many many changes.  But I hope will reach some people.

I found this post on doing it now, its never going to get easier…. from the energetic go-getter Ramit Sethi. Read it to get inspired to get on with all those things you want to.


4 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. Was great to read your post, just I was finally getting the courage to start my first post…had a great ‘Creating Abundance’ workshop this weekend, and promised the participants access to the blog…needed to create some accountability for myself, because somehow still do not know where to start…I guess here is a good place! Check it out at http://pebblesofabundance.wordpress.com

  2. afraschimmingchase – Thanks for that instant fillip you gave me by writing so quickly and saying the post did inspire you to do something.
    Your site looks interesting.Will certainly keep following it. It has a great look. Im curious about what happens in creating Abundance workshops. Good things Im sure.

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