Female Power

‘I hate to walk around in little circles around a small park’.

One of those mad statements that I like to make that I think define ‘me’. Spoken from the comfort of a person who lives in a place with long roads made for walking.

Today, I did go round and round in a little park, and it wasn’t too bad at all. One more myth about myself broken.

Today has been a little unusual. Just one day in the metropolis along with a friend, it has been like Women’s Day out. Staying with a single cousin, lots of female talk, going off to meet someone to finish a ‘deal’ which got done, lunch with my daughter which grew to include 7 females, its been a great day. And my friend, for whom this unstressful day has been a rare treat, is so happy that it makes the people around her happy, too.

Being in the company of females can be so comforting


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