Getting Prepared for a Special Evening

Is casual dressing genetic, hereditary, environmental or…..what? Someone tell me.

Both my daughters have inherited/imbibed this trait from me.   We are just a shade too lazy or unconcerned to give the 100% thought that great dressing needs. Even if its  for a special evening.

My friend, a great dresser took one look at the saree we bought yday and said take it back. Too dull, too boring.  So, we bowed to her superior sartorial sense and went back to the shop with her. She was a bit frustrated because Sindhu refused to wear anything jazzy. But managed to persuade her enough to buy a one-of-a-kind,  delicate, party wear drape in place of the hardy,  geometric print  saree which we bought yday, at three times the price. Still we were all satisfied.

Maybe it will be the one dress that she will pull out with elan and feel great in whenever she wears it.

Succesful shopping trips can be so therapeutic:-)

And we followed it up with the walk through Botanical gardens. Being a weekend, it was crowded and colorful. And it  was a nice way to catch up with a friend.

And here is a website only about sarees. Featuring gorgeous women in gorgeous sarees.


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