Getting Focused

Do one thing at a time.

Set only one goal and work at it till you finish.

Do your most important task first thing in the morning.

Do creative work while the idea still has got its grip on you.

So many diktats to get work done successfully.  And this morning everything worked.  It felt so good.

Primarily because my husband and daughter left the house early. And the maid came late, I had a couple of hours just to myself. I didn’t spend them picking up things around the house,nor doodling in the kitchen. Just sat down at the computer and posted on my finance blog. And then I was free to do so many other things.

Especially after a Sunday when the family is around, and one seems to be doing things for other people most of the time, time alone feels so good. I remember one sprightly old lady telling me, she loved Monday mornings when the whole family left her at home alone.

One can also learn to focus from the young.  Sindhu can leave the house with her bed unmade, clothes lying all around, hardly any breakfast in her, happily. If I did all that (or didn’t do all that), I would be very unhappy.


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