Minty Mushroom Salad

Cooking something new always gives a great feeling. A sense of achievement and lots of pleasure when other people like it too. Which  wafts through the rest of the day.

Sindhu  opened up a box of smoked salmon which someone had gifted us, took one look at the large piece of filleted fish and blanched. We hunted the net for recipes and came up only with omelets and a kind of cutlet. So I made cutlets with the smoked salmon, probably obliterating the original taste as much as possible with Indian spices.

It is hard to try new kinds of food as I get older. And I truly admire our foreign guests when they come and tuck into Indian food so appreciatively.

Think every morning, what is life going to hand me today?  And I will greet it with pleasure and competence.

Nice to contemplate but when morning gets splintered by series of requests and phone calls and news that takes your mind away from the simple tasks you are engaged in, its hard to keep that smile. I guess that is the challenge.

But now that the peace is settling back in, it’s easy.

The other new experiment  today was minty mushroom salad. Cool, quick and nice.

Minty Mushroom Salad

Mushrooms- 200 gm

Lemon juice -1 tbsp

Tomato – 1 medium sized – deseeded diced small

Cucumber – ½ deseeded and chopped small

Mint leaves- ½ cup cleaned and chopped

Yoghurt – 3 tbsp.

Clean the mushrooms. Halve them and stew on low flame in a thick bottomed vessel with a dash of lime and salt for 10 minutes. Mix with all the other ingredients.


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