Looking for the Positives

I realised today that writing this blog/journal has been so good for me.

It started off when I thought I had to record  ‘the something different, something new, something creative events’  in my life. And I was responsible for making them happen or just doing them. And everyday , I have had to look for  the positive things that happened that day. The negative were unacceptable in this space.

And just doing this has wrought some changes within me. Small, but I can feel them.

I have become a much more positive person.

I realised that on the recent long journey we went on to Orissa.  The crowds, the heat, the delays, the little inconveniences in travelling …..didn’t bother me that much.

Today, when we had a problem at a govt office, I did get angry. But I didn’t stay that way. And that is a big step forward.

Writing a gratitude journal, didn’t help me too much. But recording all these little delightful things  has been.

And Im also grateful to the few readers here who , with their positive feedback keep me going.  Thank you.

Photo: a4gpa on Flickr. I thought it was symbolic of new things coming in and sending out the old. Like Sharadha says, we have to push out the old to let in the new.  Or the other way around


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