Taking a Breather

When one is feeling very frazzled, its good to stop doing everything for a while and just be.

This morning, when I reached for the milk from the fridge and managed to spill a pot of sambar over everything in there, I knew I was at distraught point. My To-Do list has been overflowing.

I just closed the fridge door, made my coffee and sat down to renew myself with a couple of pages from Sarah Ban Breathnach’s  Simple Abundance.  The page I settled on was about clothes and images, of imagining yourself as you’d like to be : well-dressed, suave, svelte, stylish, striking ….whatever. This was so far from what my mind has been running on for some time that it took a bit to focus instead of just closing the book. 

I  did let my mind wander along the path suggested, and it was so mood lightening.  Clothes can be so fun:-)))

It was more than an hour later before I went back to the kitchen. And then I could cope with the mess in the fridge easily.

Sometimes, a break is the best thing in the world. Specially when you are busy.


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