Karthik Calling Karthik

That I actually wanted to see a Hindi movie is only due to media hype and … Farhan Akhtar. And the name Karthik, which is so nice. I was curious about what I think of as a South Indian name, was doing  in a Hindi movie.

Farhan does do a brilliant job of acting, while Deepika Padukone is not called upon to do much except look beautiful, which she does. The music is loud, and sometimes overshadows everything else.  The story is certainly not something I even remotely imagined, the name emoting something like Kramer vs Kramer, but is far, far from it.

The pace is slow, but the unexpected twist towards the end makes one leave the theater with satisfaction – it isn’t so vanilla as it seemed. Still, one would think twice before recomending it to anyone else. All told, it left me with the idea of pure love. And all the labyrinths within a man’s mind.

Watch this movie if you have nothing else to do and someone else is paying:-)

Although Sindhu had seen this movie, she gallantly came along because I was enthusiastic, and even on a walk later. Finally we wound up at the Shiva temple, unexpectedly on a special  festival day, with lots of devout crowds, some rain, chaos and a good feel. Something really different today.


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